Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Statistics, T3, W4 #powerhive8

In PowerHive 8 this week we are setting goals for our statistics learning. We did an eAsttle pre test to determine what we know. Each of us accessed our consoles to determine what our next steps are. We each chose 3 learning goals from the 'To Be Achieved' or 'Gaps' boxes on our consoles.

Without consulting with our friends this is what the data showed for statistics in PowerHive 8:

We then discussed what the bar graph showed about statistics knowledge in PowerHive 8. How would Mr Crowe decide what we should learn next? Will everyone need to learn it? Or just the people who have identified that particular goal from their consoles?

Interestingly the tallest bar graph was; "Make statements about data shown in a statistical display". We were practicing this as we discussed our learning as a class!

Our next step is to attend workshops which will allow us to tackle the learning goals we derived from our consoles. By the end we hope to become phenomenal Data Detectives!

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  1. Kia Ora
    I like this blog post because it shows what you had to learn and how you did it. I think that it is good to have a picture because it helps the reader understand what you are talking about. In our class for maths every week we have to make a DLO on what we are doing. Kai Pai