Sunday, 7 February 2016

Our First Week in Room 8

Last week was our first week together as Room 8. We learnt so much about each other through creating a class treaty, learning about the Big Four and PB4L at Wesley Intermediate. We did some group work and brainstormed together what it would like to express the school values in different settings.

We also started some art that expresses who we are and the things we value and we will make sure we post some pictures when they're finished. One of our favourite activities was doing PE with Room 9.

We also looked at the Learning Pit and had conversations that got us to think about, "What is learning? What does it feel like? What does it look like?"
We came to the conclusion that if we are not feeling frustrated, out of our depth, like we don't know what to do, then we are not learning. Over the next few weeks we will look at strategies, tools and skills that will help us to  overcome these challenges and progress our learning.


  1. Hi room 8. I really like the idea of the learning pit. It looks like you can explain your learning extremely well. I might try some activities like this with my year 5/6 class at Wesley Primary. Do you have any advice or take away messages about what you've learnt or discussed about the pit?

  2. Hi Phil, I will put your question to the class. Your comment has actually got me thinking about how we could use the pit to track our learning, especially when we don't feel like and maybe create some more robust responses and strategies to get ourselves over to the other side. Thanks for getting the gears turning!

  3. Hi Room 8

    I really liked your learning pit. The use of words in the pit are very good. We have a learning pit in our classroom I like yours though. Are you learning to use this in areas in your classroom? I look ford to seeing what you use this for.

    Rimu, Yaldhurst Model school

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  5. Hey Room Eight

    I really like this idea of a learning pit. It is really cool about the image of the brick wall because it really does show that once you work hard to get over that wall everything can only get better. Overall this is a really creative thing to put up on your blog.

    Kind regards Ashleigh and Noah

  6. Hi room 8

    I really think that's a good idea of putting a pit.It's really cool how you put in a drawing of the pit because it shows your leaning.

    From troy

  7. Hi room 8

    I think the learning pit is really cool and sometimes I feel like im am in a pit. This is a really good idea.

  8. Hi room 8.
    I really liked your learning pit drawing because it show how learning works and how to solve it. And it will also show you that if you can't do something, don't give up keep trying and you will get there someday. I also sometimes get stuck on something in life. I wonder if there is anything in this world that we can't do.

    1. I wonder if there is anything you can't do?

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  10. Hi Wesley!
    I really like the learning pit! We have it on a wall in our classroom! Do you think it’s effective?
    Jack, Yaldhurst Model School!