Monday, 14 March 2016

Week 7, Using Dialogue in Our Writing

Last week we completed our E-Asttle writing. One of the things that came up as a goal for almost all of us was our use of punctuation when writing dialogue. Below is the lesson we did with Mr. Crowe. We will be publishing our writing on our own blogs once we have received and acted on our feedback.


  1. Hi Room 8,

    We really like how you presented this lesson. The use of your video 'How to Use Speech Marks' made it easier to understand. Some of us in Rimu Class will also be having punctuation as a goal this year. Next time, maybe you slideshow can be a bit smaller so we can see it clearly. What other writing goals do you have? We are looking forward to reading your individual writing.

    Rimu Class
    Yaldhurst Model School

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  3. Hi Room 8,

    I really like how you presented this lesson. The use of your slide 'How to Use Speech Marks' made it easier to understand. Some of Rimu class will be focusing on more punctuation as a goal for this year. Next time, could you make the slideshow a bit smaller so I can see it clearly. What would you change if you could change the slideshow?
    I am looking forward to reading your individual writing.

    Yaldhurst Model School.

  4. Hi room 8,
    I am a year six student from Yaldhurst Model School.
    I really loved how you put the video in the slide, It made it easier to
    understand how to use punctuation. I think I need to work on mine!
    Maybe you could post the slide a little smaller next time so we can see the
    Whole thing without having to go into full screen.
    How long did it take all of you to make the slide?

  5. Hi room 8,
    I am Bree from Rimu class I liked the way you decorated your slide.
    I think your slide will come in very handy when I am doing writing because I
    Have trouble with my punctuation. Next time you do a slide can you please make it a bit smaller so it's easy to read from Bree.

  6. Hello Room 8,

    I like the way you made the slide, like when you put in the video because it helped explain the slide a little, but I think that you need to move it or make it smaller so you can see it. Do you like using punctuation? I think you should check out our blog I think you will like it! All of us have a blog and love people looking at them, nice work!


  7. Thank you for your feedback and comments students from Yaldhurst Model School, the size of the slide has been changed. Hopefully that makes it easier to view.

    Mr. Crowe

  8. Hi Room 8!
    Your class has done an amazing job on this slide. It is very helpful to people who are not that good with writing. I for one am going to watch this because I am not that great with punctuation. Are you going to make another slide on maths or any other subject? Great job guys! Thanks!

  9. Hi Room 8
    I like how you have shown us the process you have done with your teacher and I think it is great that at the start you have shown us your WALT.

  10. Hi Room 8

    I really liked your slideshow because it was helpful and it is a great thing to look at when you are not sure of your punctuation.

    Do you think that this is helpful when you are writing?

  11. Hello, Room 8
    I really liked your slideshow that you made it was really helpful. For me I think that if there was someone that was not that good with punctuation you slideshow would really help.